Hi! I'm Abrar. A UX Designer & Creative Technologist.

I research, strategize, facilitate, communicate, design, code and do whatever else it takes to bring web & mobile applications to life.

I speak with people in English & Hindi.
I speak with machines in a few JavaScript dialects & PHP.

Me & work philosophy

Staying human-centered— discovering real needs and strategising solutions in response to them.

Practicing participatory design processes— designing with the people, not for them.

Taking a lean & iterative approach to product design & development.

Me & a day at work

Stakeholder workshops, internal brainstorm sessions, product testing— facilitating these regularly and effectively, isn't always easy. Though my toolkit is getting richer by the day.

photo credits: Chaz Hutton. Instagram Name— instachaaz

Making ideas tangible as early as possible in the design process, helps me think more clearly and make better decisions along the way. So be it with paper, Invision, Atom or remixing a few APIs and testing outcomes— I love doing it all.

Project Management
The interdisciplinary nature of the small teams that I have worked in, meant taking on project management responsibilities at some point or the other. Ever since, tracking tasks & timelines, and grooming them regularly, has been a part of my workflow.

photo credits: zapier

Practicing Self-Leadership
I have always worked independently, as a freelancer or on contract. So its only survival instinct that taught me how to take initiative, stay motivated, and practice self-leadership.

Me & play things

Playing with electronics & code, and indulging in a bunch of tech-speriments, has been a parallel, enjoyable thread in my life.

Like our cute little, sound reactive, droid pet— Furr-E (image), or the self-solving sudoku, that, well, solves itself.

Me & fun things

It changes every year really, but right now it's open water diving. And it's a treat!

Me & books

I have my phases of voracious reading (a fair balance of fiction and non-fiction), and then the not-so-voracious times as well. Though one constant has been, and from the looks of it, will continue to be— Godel, Escher, Bach.

Me & food. Or rather, a particular food.

I’m a self-proclaimed Misal connoisseur. Its the one true dish.

Also, burgers are nice.